Ofer Nisim is the owner and founder of GREENSITE, The Company was founded in 2000 and ever since, provides environmental consulting, lectures and training in the fields of environment and security at all levels. Since 2000, Ofer has gained experience and professionalism and provides comprehensive solutions, tailored to each of the company's customers.

Professional Background and Qualifications:

  • Doctoral Student – Natural Resources and Environmental Management -the University of Haifa, specializing in nature right for  water supply under uncertainty.
  •  M.A. – Department of Geography and Environmental Studies – the University of Haifa, specialization and research (master thesis) changing trends in the distribution of terrorist attacks and the reactive landscape.
  • B.A. – Department of Geography and Environmental Studies- the University of Haifa, specialization in the field of physical environment.
  • Ministry of Health – Certified water analysis sampler –level A The Israeli Standards Institute – Certified sustainable green building consultant and supervisor according to the Israeli 5281 standard.
  •  For the last 4 years, Ofer also presents a bi-weekly environmental segment within the "Green Magazine" radio program of the Israeli broadcast authority, Reshet-Aleph Radio station.

The company's services:

  •  Guidance, documentation and standardization of green sustainable building projects as per 5281 standard.
  • Sampling and analysis of water supply systems in general and potable water standards quality in particular.
  • Conducting environmental surveys, writing environmental expert reviews and position papers.
  • Providing professional solutions for the environmental aspects of real estate projects.
  • Environmental project consultancy combined with aspects of water, air, radiation, noise, etc.

The company provides professional and encompassing consultation in order to ensure the best, professional and high quality completion of the project.
Ofer Nisim's many years of experience, education and qualifications enable him to provide professional, reliable, high quality and cost-effective services.
GREENSITE's environmental consulting services are provided to government ministries, governmental authorities, individuals, colleges and various organizations in the public and private sectors.

Lectures, Site exploration and conferences

Ofer Nisim has over a decade of experience in providing lectures, courses, and professional seminars in the following fields:

  •   Environmental aspects of water treatment, waste, air pollution, radiation and noise.
  •   Analysis of environmental projects and quality of water.
  •   Security, terrorism and the history of the Middle East.
  •  Integration of environmental and security considerations.
  •  Political and security aspects of water and borders.

Ofer Nisim owns substantial thorough knowledge derived from many areas of expertise during the years. These are integrated, in a professional manner, throughout his lectures.
The lectures cover a variety of fields and are tailor-made to the requirements audience and budget of each organization. The company aims to deliver lectures that are interesting, challenging and beneficial to the audience.
Ofer Nisim's deep and vast knowledge, as well as extensive experience made him a leader in the field and enable him to deliver interesting, challenging and added value lectures.

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The company is one of the leading companies in the field and is renowned for its professionalism and credibility. We put an emphasis on adapting the product to the customer's requirements and budget

Ofer Nisim guides projects at any scale, from standard to complex projects. GREENSITE provides services to many diverse organizations and is an authorized provider to the Prime Minister's Office, government ministries, local authorities, research centers, universities, colleges and private customers alike.
We are at your disposal and would be happy to lead you towards success!
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